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Metalhead Minis started consignment services in 2011 thanks to a friend and client who needed more room in his basement because so many minis were in the room, he practically could not even see his floor!  Along the way of helping this good man sell 1000+ miniatures, we developed a great reputation on eBay, made money to develop the business, accumulated many more clients from all over the world, and made a lot of gamers and painters very happy. With these successes and victories, it was a no brainer to make this into an official service that Metalhead Minis provides.  

As gamers, we all know the bane of constantly accumulating "stuff" and we always have a pile of "stuff" that we mean to sell or put on eBay.  The issue for most people, is that we live in a busy society.  We are all juggling so much between work, family, and other obligations. It takes a lot of time to post items for sale. Then it also takes years to develop a reputation on places like eBay in order to consistently get buyers and sell an item for as close to its current worth as possible.  This is where we come in to save you time and make life easier for you.

Metalhead Minis takes miniatures, gaming (I.E.-board games and miniature games), geek memorabilia, and other geek related items and sells them for you. You can either ship the items to us, drop the items off, or we pick them up (if you are local to us), and you just wait for your payout to come to you.  We do all the cataloging, the photos, the listings, sell items at conventions, on other web pages, deal with all the customer transactions, exchanges and returns.  We have a large amount of sales clients from all over the world, and have 100% positive feedback along with a Top Seller / Power Seller rating on our eBay profile that you can feel free to check out, here:

Some things to know before consignment selling your items:

​This is just some honest "cards out on the table" things that we need to go over with you before you decide to consignment sell your items.  

  • We know and understand that sometimes, deciding to sell your items is not always the easiest decision to make.  With that said, please do not come to us to sell your items unless you are ready. 

  • When it comes to gaming and other items, the market always changes and constantly fluctuates. What might have been worth $100 one week, can be worth $150 or $50 next week, or might hold value for a while. We are not responsible for market fluctuations. They are what they are. 

  • Just because you believe something is worth an astronomical amount of money, does not mean that the rest of the world or the current market agrees with you.  When it comes to reselling something previously owned, you need to be realistic about the fact of "you win some, you lose some". Furthermore, if you feel that your item is worth more than it is, then it is most likely that you still have an attachment to the item and might not be ready to sell it, which is perfectly okay. You're still human.

  • We cannot always predict how long it will take for an item to sell. It could take a day, a week, a few months, or even a year or so.  We always do our best to sell your items as fast as possible, but some items stick around for a while, just like in a regular store.  

  • Never do consignment sales when you are in an emergency financial situation or desperate for money. This always leads to unrealistic expectations and something always goes wrong in these types of situations.  This is goes back to the fact that you need to stay realistic. 

  • With the above point said, we do sometimes buy consignment lots.  Keep in mind, just like any other business, the offer that we give you is with the thought in mind that we intend to resell them. The offers are usually calculated based on a lower range estimate of what your consignment payout would possibly be. 

  • Once we post something for sale up on eBay, its listed for sale. We cannot take items down in the middle of an auction running, or once there are watchers and bids.  Posting something for sale, getting people excited, and then just taking them down before the auction ends makes buyers angry.  We are not in the business of losing clients and don't want angry gamers.  This also goes back to being sure you're ready to sell your items.  

  • We do a low starting price on the auctions to attract buyers.  The starting price does not necessarily mean that's the price the item will sell for.  We have a business to run, a family to care for, and want to make money just as much as you do.  We promise that we are not out to financially hurt you, and we run an honest business.  

  • When items are sold directly to clients by way of orders or conventions, you receive the money usually a few days after the transaction is completed to make sure no returns are made unless it is an international client (to give time for the item to ship to them). If the item is sold via eBay, our seller contract as per eBay dictates that we have to give the buyers 30 days after delivery to make a return or exchange in the United States and 60 days for International. Once all goes successfully, we send you your payout. Please keep in mind, that we are not responsible for situations such as shipping delays and items being held in customs. We have absolutely no control over how the USPS, FedEx, DHL, or UPS conducts business. 

As long as the above points are understood and accepted, please feel free to contact us about selling your items.  


“Metalhead Minis is the go to source for selling goods on consignment! Excellent communication throughout the process and super knowledgeable about the entire process! They took the hassle out of selling old games and models!”

Thomas Flannery, Fort Worth, Texas

" Excellent miniatures and service always." -Alan Davies, Houston, Texas. 

"Always great to work with. Always great to buy from. Highly recommended!" - Matt Gubser, CA

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