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Miniature Painting

Lyn has been painting miniatures since 1997.  Starting out with miniatures from Ral Partha and Reaper Miniatures.  It was a definitely a dream come true when years later, she started painting for those very companies that she loves including MegaCon Games, ACP Games, and other miniature manufacturers.  Over the years, also we are grateful to say that Metalhead Minis has accumlulated private clients from all over the world as well.

Metalhead Minis does provide painting services for private clients and companies as long as the schedule allows, for reasonable pricing.  We do not post a price list as we find that many times, our clients have special requests and specific customization.  These requests require different amounts of time, materials, and attention.  Therefore, we find it best to have clients contact us directly for quotes to keep things as accurate as possible.

  • We can paint: terrain, single figures, dioramas, large figures, and armies.

  • Paint job qualities have three levels: Tabletop, High Tabletop, and Display. 

  • We also do model preparation and assembly for clients who only like to do the painting, but not the preparation process.  This service is also good for clients that have allergies to resin and dust. 



Contact us using the button below for a quote:

Feel free to check out our Gallery pages to see Metalhead Minis paint jobs:








“Lyn and her staff are some of the most knowledgeable people in the Industry. Whether is hosting painting competitions to award winning art, Metalhead Minis is your one stop shop! You won't be disappointed!” Thomas Flannery- Fort Worth, Texas


“Lyn is extremely passionate and talented. I am very fortunate to have met her and even more so to have learned from her. I look forward to our future dealings!” Tim Martin- Hutto, Texas


“Great people with excellent customer service. Would recommend to anyone looking for a painting company”- Randy Glenn- Missouri

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