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A once great Paladin of Erdrydion, corrupted and ensnared by the Lich Kelathar after washing ashore in shipwreck over a decade past. The paladin’s will quickly was broken down by the lich, as their will of righteousness was lost to the control of the lich. Thus they acted as the blade of Kelathar, their will too becoming ensnared in the lich’s.


High quality resin, Cured UV resin, 32 mm heroic scale print, 28 mm tabletop.
These models come in 28/32 mm scale. They can be scaled up upon request at an additional cost. Please contact us for pricing.

Each model is 3D-printed with high-detail resin at a layer height of 0.005mm, incorporating a hardening agent. After printing, models undergo curing, cleaning, and inspection before shipment. Before painting, prime the model in your chosen color.

Death Knight - Morian Fairhair

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