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A Drow Ranger who is a devout follower of Glanbeli, acting as an instrument of her champion Kadna. Things changed drastically for Exrin during the Autumn of the Falling Moon, which resulted in Glanbeli’s true emergence as a deity. This event saw herself and her kin imbued with the power of the radiant moon, and Exrin has now been chosen by Kadna to act as Glanbeli’s Champion at the Crucible for her devout services.


High quality resin, Cured UV resin, 32 mm heroic scale print, 28 mm tabletop.
These models come in 28/32 mm scale. They can be scaled up upon request at an additional cost. Please contact us for pricing.

Each model is 3D-printed with high-detail resin at a layer height of 0.005mm, incorporating a hardening agent. After printing, models undergo curing, cleaning, and inspection before shipment. Before painting, prime the model in your chosen color.

Drow Moonlight Ranger - Exrin Nvata

SKU: DMS-DrwRngrExNv
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