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Telnam was raised in the Dwarven mining town of Bragnin, which also served as a large part of Dornat Al Karit’s timber industry. Telnam’s father, Ytrohs, acted as a hunter who would protect lumber camps in the jungle from Drow attacks, and whatever other wretched creatures lurked in the canopy’s shadows. Telnam followed in his father’s footsteps, blowing the brains out of his first Drow with only eighteen summers to his beard. Telnam relished in the bloodshed, but found greater joy when he began slaying the greater creatures of the forest - treants, spriggans, owlbears and the like. It brought him immense pleasure to blow apart any creature bigger than him, until it was smaller than him.


High quality resin, Cured UV resin, 32 mm heroic scale print, 28 mm tabletop.
These models come in 28/32 mm scale. They can be scaled up upon request at an additional cost. Please contact us for pricing.

Each model is 3D-printed with high-detail resin at a layer height of 0.005mm, incorporating a hardening agent. After printing, models undergo curing, cleaning, and inspection before shipment. Before painting, prime the model in your chosen color.

Dwarf Monster Slayer Ranger - Telnam Gnik

SKU: DMS-DwfMstrSlyrRngr
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