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"Hobbyist Project Planner" by Metalhead Minis
  • PDF file format and fillable. Pages are printable.
  • Has enough page sections to accommodate 20 projects.
  • Perfect for planning your miniature painting, scale modeling projects, and more!
  • Great for planning art competition pieces.
  • Great for commission artists to plan, go over, and keep record of commissioned art projects.
  • Helps you save time and keeps your projects organized.
  • Includes a Vision Board page to add color swatches, plans and inspiration.
  • Includes a shopping list page to list what is needed and be able to keep record of where purchases came from. This is especially useful if you need to purchase more of an item or need to order replacements.
  • Includes a to-do list page so that you can notate steps or just notate what you want to do for the project so that there are no worries about forgetting anything.
  • Includes a notes page - perfect for adding any additional notes pertaining to the project: direction, techniques learned, ideas, doodles for freehand, feedback notes, etc.
  • Includes a color wheel page for reference.
  • Includes a page listing the "Do's and Don't s of Miniature Painting/ Creating.


***Please do not copy and reproduce without Author's permission. This file and book is copyrighted. Thank You***

Metalhead Minis Hobbyist Project Planner eBook

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