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Everyone's favorite brain-loving undead, the Zombies (Set of 5) are 32mm scaled miniatures that include the following:


  • Zombie 1 - Arms Up
  • Zombie 2 - Walking
  • Zombie 3 - Charging (SUPPORTLESS)
  • Zombie 4 - Peasant (SUPPORTLESS)
  • Zombie 5 - Butcher (SUPPORTLESS)


TheZombies (Set of 5) comes based.


High quality resin, Cured UV resin, 32 mm heroic scale print, 28 mm tabletop.
These models come in 28/32 mm scale. They can be scaled up upon request at an additional cost. Please contact us for pricing.

Each model is 3D-printed with high-detail resin at a layer height of 0.005mm, incorporating a hardening agent. After printing, models undergo curing, cleaning, and inspection before shipment. Before painting, prime the model in your chosen color.


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