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ICYMI- We Now Have A Twitch Channel!

One of our newest developments is that we started a new Twitch channel about a month ago. We are still learning how to use it as we go along, so please be patient. We will be using the channel to do painting and 3D printing livestreams. This will also give people a chance to interact with us and be able to paint with us, say hi, ask questions, etc.

Currently, we do not have a regular broadcast schedule as our busy schedules do not allow for that. We currently have to work livestream time around family needs and shop/work schedules. For example, September is a very hectic month for us with it being right after GenCon, the little ones start school, and work schedules change to accomodate the family's needs. Hopefully, we can eventually have a broadcast schedule. For now, it will just be "no frills", we will be painting or 3D printing, feel free to hang out and watch, ask questions, etc.

Some videos will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel afterward. For the most part, for a time you will be able to view them on our Twitch Channel if you wait until later to watch them.

In the past, we tried Twitch before and it was a pain in the butt, but it seems that since we last used it, it has come a long way for people like us that want to use it for creative purposes. Which is good because we like certain features such as the chat window and the fact that a lot of people can be on with you at the same time. Whereas, with Google Hangouts only so many people can be on with you.

On our Twitch channel, we also host some other hobby channels for you to enjoy and check out such as:

and others!

If we know ahead of time when we will be broadcasting, of course we will let you know. Otherwise, we will be sure to post when we go live then you can feel free to come hang out, or watch at your leisure. Of course, if you watch later you can always message us if you have questions.

Until next time!

Stay Crispy in Milk,

and Keep on Painting!


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