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Taking Or Wanting To Take MHE Classes at GenCon 50? Here Is Some Info For You...

One week left until GenCon 50! Are you excited?  Even though prepping for this event as always is a huge undertaking,  We (the Metalhead Minis Crew), promise that we are excited that we will be seeing all of you as well.  Since we are not only teaching classes, but also are in charge of the classroom area, we wanted to make sure to share with you some changes and info that you might not be aware of.  This is in an effort to optimize your GenCon 50 experience when taking the MHE classes.  

First, we wanted to make sure that you know that the classroom area has been moved to the first floor this year.  Rooms 101-103.  This is right by where the escalators are that lead you to the  MHE Paint and Take area and across from the customer service desks. 

Second, we know that the Metalhead Minis classes sell out very quickly (which we are VERY grateful for, thank you to all who make that possible every year. )  For those of you who are new comers or have friends and loved ones that want to take the classes, as long as we have the room and materials, we will be happy to fit you in our classes.  We always bring extra supplies and materials to accommodate this.  In order to see if you can get a seat in our classes, just come to the class at the time it starts and once the registered students have their seats, we will fit as many extra people as we can.  Generic tickets are accepted for payment of the classes.  Class descriptions are on the GenCon website and can also be found on our website by clicking on this link Metalhead Minis Hobby Classes.  

Here is the list of Metalhead Minis classes below:

The following classes in Miniature Hobby Events still have some openings that you can purchase tickets for:

  • Casting and Assembling Hirst Art Blocks - 3 openings

  • Clean up and Preparation of Miniatures and Models (Metalhead Minis)- 1 opening

  • Introduction To Highlighting and Shading Red - 20 openings 

  • Introduction To Highlighting and Shading Yellow- 14 openings

  • Introduction to MDF Scenery- 2 openings 

  • Intro to Model Assembly and Tools- 2 openings 

  • Make a Small and Portable Wet Palette- 4 openings 

To look up these events and purchase tickets, click on this link: GenCon Miniature Hobby Events

If you have any questions about any of the classes or need to confirm anything, be sure to email the instructors directly.  The emails are located in the class listings when you click on them.  

We will have 1 person at the front desk in-front of the classroom area Thurs-Saturday 10AM-7PM, and Sunday 10AM- 2PM.  They will either be myself (Lyn), Brandon, Jen, or Suzi.  The purpose of the front desk is: To ensure that people have tickets and belong in the event that they are attending, to prevent people from playing games in the rooms which can disturb classes, to answer questions that pertain to Miniature Hobby Events and classes, and to direct you to where  your classes are.  Please be respectful to us and any other volunteer that is working at GenCon, as they are taking time out of their day as volunteers in order to make your experience at GenCon a good one. 

For those of you who cannot make it to GenCon this year, you will be missed. Also we will be doing live video footage throughout the event and taking photos. So be sure to follow us on Facebook and YouTube

For those who are packing and getting ready to attend, have safe flight, a safe trip, bring hand sanitizer, bring Emer-gen-C, take your vitamins, eat well, drink water, and we will see you next week! 

Stay Crispy in Milk! 


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