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Check Out This Awesome Lighting We Bought At IKEA!

IKEA SVIRVEL Ceiling Light.

Months ago while the house has been undergoing renovation, we had to get more stuff from IKEA. Those who know us, know that we LOVE IKEA and go there for house related items all the time. One of the problems that I wanted to solve in the shop besides the 80's throwback popcorn ceilings, is the lighting. The original light fixture in the shop was not that bright and even though there are multiple Ottlites in the shop, a little extra light for the general area is always good in a studio.

LEDARE LED bulb GU10 400 lumen, dimmable

As you can see, the lights are a bright white light which is also important for a painting studio. You do not want yellow lighting if you can prevent it. These bulbs are also energy efficient and do not take a toll on your electric bill. The coolest feature about this light fixture? You can turn the lights to focus on certain areas of the room! This is perfect because my work space is on one side and my sis Lexie, has a painting table on the other side of the room. The lights can be turned 360 degrees and up and down. If I wanted I could even bend all 5 lights to my side of the room if let's say Lexie was on vacation or was not in the room for the day.

The shop has changed a bit from the photo above, but in this photo you get the general idea that the light is focused on my area and there are lights focused on the other side of the room. $55 well spent I say!

Anyway, figured I would take a second to show you this light fixture as I know this year, many fellow artists and hobbyists have been making changes and upgrades to their studios as well. Hopefully this helps give you ideas and inspiration. I am sure that there are DIY versions to this as well. For other work station lighting ideas, be sure to also check out the light arch tutorial that was written by Larry at Models Workshop. This is a bright lighting arch perfect for the hobby work station that is used by Larry and other artists such as Golden Demon winner Mathieu Fontaine .

Until next time!

Stay crispy in milk!

Keep on Painting!


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