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Tutorial: Table Top Painting a Wood Shield With Secret Weapon Weathering Paints.

I put this tutorial together some time ago, but since a couple of people asked me about it, I figured it would be a good idea to put it on the website to make it easy to find. This tutorial was originally on the Metalhead Minis Facebook Page and it takes a while to scroll through the posts and photos to find it. Some of you might not have seen this yet and thats great too.

This tutorial shows you a quick and easy table top painted wooden shield. The model used is Arena Rex, Frigge from the Zephyri faction. There are different ways and colors that you can paint a wooden shield. I chose an old, very light colored wood.

In the photo above, are the three Secret Weapon Weathering Acrylics that I used.

For those not familiar with a glaze. A glaze is basically thinning down paint to a transluscent water consistency (thinner than a wash) for the purpose of either changing the hue of a color or gradually building up layers of color. You can use additives such as flow improver and glaze mediums (companies such as Vallejo and Liquitex makes this). If you use water, try to use distilled water if you can, so that the water doesnt have impurities in it that usually come from straight out of a faucet. That's what has worked in my experience. Of course use what works for you.

If you decide to add more to the shield, aside from some quick freehand, adding earth colored pigment powders can also be fun.

So, hope this quick tutorial has helped you or helped give you ideas on painting a wooden shield, even if you plan to use different colors and such. Also if you don't have the Secret Weapon Weathering Acrylics, I suggest you get them! They are awesome!

Until next time,

Stay crispy in milk, and keep on painting!


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