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Saving Money & Being Healthier At Conventions

What an eventful 2+ years it has been! COVID-19 has caused many events to cancel and many of us staying home a lot more than we are used to. In those 2+ years a lot has changed for many of us. One of those changes are in regard to inflation which caused changes in priorities and finances.

Years ago I made a YouTube vlog about this, but I figure now that there are in person conventions again, it might be a good time to bring this back up, especially with all of these rising costs. Don't Judge the video quality, it was one of my first ones LOL. A lot of the info still applies. The video was from 2016.

For those who work at conventions, network, or contract work (I.E.- teaching seminars at conventions) These ideas can also help you cut down on business expenses.

Changes since the video: I have been on a strict Keto diet since 2018, but I still recommend the items that I have mentioned in the video if you do eat carbs and sugars. A lot of those items I just have in Keto versions or perhaps I make them myself along with other snacks and meals.

Important points as it applies to the video and updated info since the video:

  • Make use of apps such as Groupon and similar apps to save money at restaurants and local attractions. Another way to save on restaurants is to look at Happy Hours (they often have specials on appetizers that are big enough to be meals). For attractions, look at off peak times as they are often at discounted rates as well.

  • Don't be afraid to talk about splitting costs on rides via Uber or Lyft. Sometimes there are also coupon codes that big events have for those apps to save additional money on those rides.

  • If there is public transportation in the area that you will be using regularly, most times a weekly pass/monthly pass is more cost effective to save on transportation.

  • Look at photos and reviews for restaurants, if there is a lot of mention about large portioned meals, chances are you can share them and save money. If it is a restaurant with servers, please be sure to tip them accordingly as they have to make a living too. You're still spending less than you would have if you ordered separate meals.

  • Always have hand sanitizer with you and ALWAYS wash your hands. I mean of course that should be standard, but since we have been living in the COVID era, I think it would be good to touch on that anyway.

  • Emergen-C can be your friend! Boost that Vitamin C!

  • Split costs/ gas on renting a car. Especially if it comes out to be cheaper than getting an Uber or Lyft every day.

  • Airbnb can at times be much cheaper than a hotel, depending on the area.

  • If the event is located in a big city and you don't mind driving to and from everyday, getting a hotel right outside of the main parts of the city can help lower costs. Be sure to account for gas costs when doing your research and estimating if there will be an actual savings. Some of those hotels also have kitchens and you can save on dining out by getting groceries and preparing your meals.

  • Do you have a friend that lives near the venue? Perhaps you can park at their home and use transportation or carpool instead of paying daily for a parking garage. Average cost for a parking garage can be $20-$40USD per day.

  • If you wear masks: Always pack extra face masks including disposable ones in case someone forgets theirs. I usually have one or two masks in each bag/case that I am traveling with.

  • Buy cases of water when you arrive (if you are flying) to the area or before you leave (if you are driving). The last hotel we stayed at charged $6 per liter bottle of water!

  • Check for free shuttle services at airports and hotels - Be sure to tip accordingly as that is still cheaper than getting a cab.

  • If you don't see those displays at the hotel and welcome centers with all of the tourist/ restaurant attraction cards, ask the front desk. Coupons from local attractions get dropped off to them all the time or sometimes they forget to put them out.

  • Talk to the locals, you would be surprised how much info you can get about the area that you are in.

  • When flying, pack as light as you can. Checked bag fees are expensive with some airlines especially if they weight over a certain amount.

Hopefully these tips are enough to get you started and will be a great help. Speaking of saving money, be sure to check out our LinkTree below to get access to our links, discount codes, and more.

Until next time, stay crispy in milk, and keep on painting!

- Lyn, Metalhead Minis


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