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Quick and Easy: Green/ Purple Zombie Skintone!

Green and Purple Skin Zombie

I can't believe that it has been about a year and a half since I wrote the other tutorial about Gray/ Purple zombie skin tone. Time goes by so quickly! I was working on some "shelf of shame" minis of my own in between commissions and decided to work on finishing these Red Box Games zombies. I was more than half way through on this mini before I realized that I had planned to write this tutorial a while back. In case you missed it, here is the Gray/ Purple zombie Skintone tutorial

You might want to cross reference a little with that tutorial link since that has a little bit more step by step in case you need some blanks filled in. Hopefully, I will explain this well enough that you wont have to.

Without further ado, here is the tutorial for a quick and easy Green/ purple zombie skin tone. This is perfect for table top especially when doing multiple zombies for games like Zombicide.

Here are the paints that I used to achieve this green/ purple skin tone. The photo shows the paints in the exact order that I used them from left to right. P3 Thrall Flesh, Secret Weapon Miniatures Wash in Algae (a dark teal color), Army Painter Warpaints Zombicide Wash in Toxic Shader (purple), and GW Citadel paint in Rotting Flesh.

4 paints used to create this skin tone

As you can see, I transferred my P3 and GW paints into dropper bottles. This is a personal preference of mine as this keeps my pot paints neater, easier to store, easier to travel with, and helps them last much longer. If you would like to know how to safely transfer your paints from pots to dropper bottles, check out this video from the Metalhead Minis YouTube Channel:

Steps to create the green/ purple zombie skin tone:

1. I started by base coating the skin in P3 Thrall Flesh. It is a good yellowish/greenish/ gray color which is great for an undead skin tone.

p3 Thrall Flesh

2. After the base coat dried, I applied the Secret Weapon Wash in Algae. It is a really good dark teal color. Teal is a mix of blue and green, which is also great for an undead skin tone.

3. Once the Algae color wash dried, I applied the Warpaints Toxic Shader right over and let everything dry. Letting the pieces "Fall where they may" when it came to drying. This usually creates a more natural look.

Once the washes are applied, it will look pretty dark, but don't worry since you will be adding a highlight color.

Washes applied over the zombie base coat.

4. After the washes dried, I highlighted the skin with GW's Rotting Flesh. This is a great undead color and the yellow in it makes it a good highlight color. If you want to highlight another step, you can add some white to this color and do some edge highlighting.

So here is the finished product of the skin at a basic table top level for gaming. I hope that this has helped you with ideas for undead skin tones as these skin tone tutorials can also work for monsters and other undead creatures such as vampires.

In other news, we do have painting skin tones classes coming up at LVO 2019:

and at Adepticon 2019:

Be sure to reserve your seat or get on the waiting list. You can also book a one on one lesson via Skype or in person if you are local. For more info, be sure to check out our Hobby Classes page on this website:

Thanks for reading! Here is to another hobby filled New Year for all of us!

-- Lyn

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