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Nights At The Game Table Live Event!

Aaron Lovejoy and Adam Lyons

At this event, there was not only a well attended Warhammer 40K tournament, there were also miniature painting tutorial events, and video recordings. These tutorials were featuring Aaron Lovejoy of Miniature Monthly and Clay Williams of Mastermind Models and Miniatures both of which are good friends of mine. Of course this was another great reason to attend this event. In general, this event was a great time, not only because it allowed me to hang out with the Nights crew, Aaron, Clay, Liz, and Emmie, but also because there was a lot of good information and more people to meet. I learned a bit about other ways of video creating and ways to grow an online presence. Adam and Eve Lyons, are very passionate about what Nights at the Game Table does and they love helping people in the community grow. This is great since having groups of people like this is great for the community.

Aaron and Clay were working hard throughout the weekend as they were switching off and recording different tutorials. Information about these tutorials can be found on the Nights at the Game Table website and YouTube channel from what I understand. There were topics covered such as blending, weathering, and freehand, and more. In between Aaron and Clay recording, there were videos recorded of Warhammer 40K battle reports and playing tips.

One really cool thing that I would like to share that I jumped on right away:

Aaron and Adam did a Facebook live video talkng about the new Warhammer Citadel Contrast paints that are coming out June 15th, 2019. In the meantime, Adam made a bet with Aaron about painting a pile of Warhammer models in 14 days! You have to see this to believe it! In the video, Adam asks Aaron what his average rate would be for teaching for 14 days. It was about $8000. Adam then sweetened the pot and made us all an offer that we could not refuse. Aaron is going to work on the models and starting June 1st, there will be 14 days of tutorials for $97!!! If you know Aaron like I do, then you know that he is an excellent teacher and worth every penny! I am super excited about this and wanted to make sure to spread the word on this.

***If you are interested in this as well. Please comment on the Facebook live video saying that you are interested and they will send you a message with a PayPal payment link to sign up. You will then receive your access code for the videos when they are opened around June 1st, 2019. ***

Here is the link to the Facebook Live video!

Stay crispy in milk and happy painting!


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