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Blood Splatter Tutorial

When I teach the “Fun and Easy Effects“ class, one of the things that we typically go over is how to do quick and easy blood splatter. There are different ways to do blood splatter and the techniques can also differ based on what exact effect that you are going for.

For example, if you want small random splatter, the photo example above will totally work. However, if you want larger splats, then you can add more paint to the toothbrush. Another technique would be to load a brush and use your airbrush in short, hard spurts to project the paint to the surface. If you don’t have an airbrush, you can use what I like to call “blow dart“ style blowing at your loaded brush and watch the mix of splats and droplets of paint hit the surface. Kinda like this: a little harder of a blow, minus the pretty and ethereal look with the flower, and you don’t have to make a wish afterward.

FYI- if you don’t have Blood for the Blood God, there are other reds that you can use. Blood for the Blood seriously does have the best effect. If you are using a matte red paint from another brand, you can always use additives such as gloss medium to add that “wet” effect.

You can also add other colors to add to the effect/realism such as black, dark brown, etc.

Hope you find this tip helpful. Stay crispy in milk and keep on painting! —Lyn

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