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Metalhead Minis Classes & Events Can Now Be Found In Our Web Store!

For those who do not know, in addition to this website, we also have a separate web store. The webstore has some of our consignment items that are in stock and painted models.

We have also decided to add in a page that lists all upcoming classes and events whether they are for conventions or our own classes. We felt that this will streamline promotion for upcoming events and will also give you one quick and easy place to look if you are wanting to attend classes. Other future plans for this page will be class handouts that can be purchased and downloaded and class videos that can be purchased and downloaded. This is in an effort to adapt to the current and hopefully, a soon post Pandemic world. This will also help for people who are unable to attend events for whatever reason. Check out our class listings here and feel free to bookmark the page:

Here are the directions to make your online registration process easy.

  1. In the menu, choose "Events/ Classes" if you are on the home page of the website. The link above takes you straight to the Events/ Classes page:

2. Choose which class you would like and click on "more info"

3. Be sure to take a look at the description. If there is a link to register, it will be at the top of the description. If it is one of our own events that you can just add to cart, that will be specified as well to make it easier.

If you have additional questions about this process, please feel free to contact us

Hope to see you in our future classes and events!

Stay crispy in milk!

- Lyn

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