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Nocturna Fantasy Pro Malefic Flesh and Fairy Flesh Paint Sets.

What's up Peeps? Quick thing that I want to share:

You can Purchase these paints by clicking here: Nocturna Fantasy Pro Flesh Paints

While on a Hobby Hangout with friends Yeji of Snickerknack Studios and Charles Chisholm, we were talking about painting skin. These paint sets were brought up. Both Yeji and Charles swore that I need to try them. I did know about them and it was one of those things that I had on my wishlist, but haven't gotten around to yet. Also, I just finished paying off Christmas and moving related stuff at the time and wanted to "bask in the glow" of the $0 balance on my Amazon card 🤑😆. I was surprised with these sets later that week as a gift from Charles as a thank you for teaching him painting tips. Thanks again, bro! 🤗

Nocturna Models , collaborated with Vallejo Acrylics to create these paint sets for human and non human fantasy skintones. The color palette in the sets are different from the colors that we typically see from the Vallejo Model Color Or Game Color range. I would say that the color palette is similar to ones that you would see from Scale 75 . Just my opinion of course, as that was one of my first thoughts when I saw the paints. Mind you, I love Scale colors also. I just hate that the paint is so thick and that you have to shake them for long periods of time before use. Once you look past that, it's all good.

Anyway, back to the Nocturna paints:

Of course one could mix colors to come up with similar, but these sets help to make it easier for the gamer and painter. Each set comes with 8 paints. The fairy set has the human skin tones and the Malefic set is for more of the other color fantasy skin tones. For example, the Malefic set would be great for a fantasy vampire or a Drow Elf .

I am still working on learning about these paints but so far my impression is that I really like them. Compared to the Vallejo paints, they are thinner in consistency which I like. They also dry more matte than the Vallejo model color paints.

Here is an example of me working with the paints. Not too long ago, I posted these photos on social media.

While at Adepticon this past March, I brought my Steamforged Games Guild Ball Morticians team. I've been working on them here and there in between work to break up the monotony. Hopefully I'll finish them sometime in my lifetime LOL.

Anyway, I excitedly brought my new paints with me. While painting the model, Bonesaw, I figured it would be a good time to experiment with the paints. For tabletop painting, I was able to come up with this combo for the skin.

  • I used the color Natural Flesh for the basecoat.

  • I thinned down the color Burned Flesh to use as a wash.

  • I used the color White Flesh as the highlight color.

  • I thinned down the color Burned Flesh to a glaze to paint over the skin and tie everything together.

It was fun, quick and easy. :) I have a lot of other models that I plan to work on using these paints and I will be sure to post pics on social media and such. So be sure to keep an eye out and follow.

A big thanks again to Yeji and Charles for getting these off of my wishlist. You guys rock!

Stay Crispy in Milk!


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