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Review: WAMP- Thugz Bunny

Thugz Bunny Painted by Brett Johnson, WAMP

Company Name: WAMP Miniature Name: Thugz Bunny Material: Resin Sculpted by: Jae Chi Lee Scale: 32mm Price: 8.99 GBP, $11.56 USD Website/Contact:

This miniature came to me in the U.S. from the Wamp Store in the UK well packaged in a small box. When I opened the box, the miniature was unassembled in a small ziplock type bag secured with packaging material for extra cushioning and to prevent damage.

When I opened the bag, I was able to see that the sculpt was very clean and crisp in design. The quality of the resin is also very nice, smooth, and cast very well. The mold lines on the model are minimal to moderate requiring the typical amount of gentle filing in order to smooth them down during the preparation process. The miniature came in a total of four pieces. Two of which were attached to a sprue (the left and right arm). The other two pieces, were the body and the pile of eggs that Thugz Bunny sits on.

The miniature has a lot of smooth surfaces which makes it good for the beginner painter since there isn’t much in way of sculpted in details that would typically intimidate or shy away the beginner painter. For the intermediate to advanced painter, the smooth surfaces are good because it can give the painter a lot of leeway with freehand, especially on the eggs. The eggs in the pile are very tiny in order to remain proportionate with the rest of the model. Therefore, using a magnifier would be very, very helpful if you decide to do freehand on the eggs. Some free hand can also be done on the bunny costume if you choose.

For assembly, the arms that were connected to the sprue, easily and cleanly detached from the sprue with the simple use of hobby clippers. The joining of Thugz Bunny’s butt to the egg seat fits well. Just be sure to file the bottom of the feet and the bottom of the egg seat flat in order for everything to sit flush on your base of choice. The left arm fits well, but there is a gap that requires a moderate amount of filling with putty. The right arm with the gun fits well, requiring little gap filling with putty.

This is a well done miniature that is worth the price. It is relatively easy to prepare and assemble. It is also designed to give the artist a lot of options. I also like that it is a fun looking miniature that can be used to tell quite a humorous story.

Here is my painted version of Thugz Bunny!

Thugz Bunny Painted by Lyn Stahl, Metalhead Minis

Rating: Quality 8/10- Very good quality resin was used. You can see that in how well the miniature’s pieces casted as well during the manufacturing process. Assembly 9/10- The miniature is relatively easy to put together requiring the normal amount of mold line filing and gap filling. Value 9/10- For a resin miniature, it is priced fairly for the size of miniature and the quality of the sculpt.

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Till next time!

Stay Crispy in Milk, and Keep on Painting!


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