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Unboxing: HEROES of Fallen Frontiers Bust Kickstarter!

HEROES of Fallen Frontiers

This past July, the HEROES of Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter delivered on their pledges. Alexia was one of the backers was kind enough to allow me to borrow her bust to share an unboxing with you since I missed out and forgot to pledge LOL.

The Kickstarter pledge came in a regular shipping box with the Scale 75 box inside. It was well packed. Alexia did the one bust pledge which was 40 Euro plus shipping from Madrid, Spain. The kickstarter did deliver on time. There were extras that were also unlocked over the course of the Kickstarter that was received such as a magnetic bottle opener, illustration art cards, and some 35mm miniatures.

HEROES of Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter 1 Bust Pledge.

Alexia pledged for the Bianca Carlsson 1/12 scale bust. She is a well sculpted sci-fi character. I have included the description from the Kickstarter so that you can learn the character's backstory for those curious.

Bianca Carlsson back story

The bust was cast in a high quality gray resin and comes in 5 pieces. It is easy to put together and the pieces fit together well.

Bianca Carlsson bust kit, comes in 5 pieces.

Bianca has well sculpted facial features and hair. This makes the design of the bust able to cater to hobby painters of all levels and makes it not so intimidating to paint. The eyes are also a good size and shape which makes it a good bust to practice detailed eyes on. There was one mold line noticed along the side of her neck. It can be easily removed with gentle use of a file and sandpaper.

The torso has a relatively simple design which give the artist freedom on different techniques to use on the armor (I.E.- NMM- Non Metallic Metal , TMM- True Metallic Metal, Textures, etc.). There is a groove in the back to glue on one of the weapons. For extra durability, the size of the weapon and groove can allow for drilling and pinning as well. Be sure to properly prep the bottom of the torso. Remove the nub from the sprue cutting and the mold line. There are also mold lines along the sides that can be easily removed with gentle use of files and sandpaper.

The arm has a light mold line along the inside which is easy to remove. The peg on the shoulder part fits well into the bust. The weapons both also have light mold lines and there is a small nub on the bottom of the sword hand that can be filed off. There is a small sprue cutting nub to remove on the bottom of the sword handle as well (the one that attaches to Bianca's back). If you plan to travel with this bust for competition, I recommend drilling and pinning together the arm to the bust and the sword with the hand to the arm as well. The other weapon part assembles to the back as shown in the rear view of the torso photo.

In this blog post, I have also included close up photos of the five 35mm miniatures that were included for unlock rewards in the kickstarter. They are all Fallen Frontier characters. Cast in white metal alloy.

I checked on the Scale 75 USA site and have not seen the busts and 35mm models on the site just yet. However, there are 75mm model versions of some of the characters that are very well done. They definitely look like fun paints so you should check them out!

That's all I have for you today! Hope you enjoyed my sharing this with you as much as I have.

Be sure to stay crispy in milk and keep on painting!


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