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Review: Secret Weapon Miniatures 6X6 Rapid Assault Vehicle, Complete Kit

Secret Weapon 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle

Company: Secret Weapon Miniatures Material: Resin with White Alloy Metal parts (weapons) Scale: 28mm Sculpted By: Mike Doscher Model Kit Price: $59.99 Website:

We have always known and love Secret Weapon Miniatures for their high quality basing materials, resin bases, and terrain supplies. Did you know that they also sell a high quality master model kit of a Rapid Assault Tank with seven turret weapons and two hull weapons?

This 28mm tank kit is compatible with most 1:48-1:35 terrain, models, and accessories. The body and wheels are made of light gray resin and the weapons are made of white alloy metal. The kit is packaged in a thin cardboard box, the resin parts are on the bottom of the box with the small pieces in a small baggie. The metal weapons are carefully wrapped in brown paper. Altogether, the model kit is well packaged and there was no risk of damage when it was shipped to me.

The kit requires a moderate amount of preparation in way of making the pieces fully fit together and removing excess resin. The wheels and where the wheels attach are the parts that will require the most preparation. There is excess resin to remove in order for the wheels to fully fit on the wheel wall ( forgot the actual part name) and the wheel wall to fully fit to the body. If you are well versed with a dremel for preparation, you will save a lot of prep time. Then finish off with sandpaper (about 320 grit to remove the dremel scratches and then finishing off with a 400 grit for smoothing would probably be best). Once assembled, the kit measures 5 inches long, 3 ¼ inches wide, and 2 ½ inches tall.

The fact that this tank kit includes seven turret weapons and two hull weapons, leaves not only many options for the hobbyist, but also the gamer. For the hobbyist, it gives the options of different looks. For the gamer, it can give a more competitive edge in game play, especially if he/she decides to magnetize the weapons and make it interchangeable.

The kit includes the following weapons:

Hull Machine Gun Hull Flamethrower Turret Autocannons Turret Multi-Laser Turret Plasma Cannon Turret Flame Cannon Turret Heavy Support Cannon Turret Machine Guns Turret High Velocity Cannon

For $59.99, you seriously cannot go wrong for all that is included in this master model kit. The weapons are very well cast and require minimal preparation. There are some mold lines which is typical, but they can easily be removed with files and sandpaper. I am excited and can’t wait to have the time to prep and paint this model! I plan to use my Badger Minitaire paints on it! Badger added colored primer to their line which I am super excited about trying out on this tank as well! I will be sure to post WIPs and Pics when I do!

Till then, Stay crispy in milk! Keep on hobbyin!


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