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Unboxing: Scale 75, Scalecolor Fantasy and Games "Creatures From Hell" Paint Set!

Another awesome item that I picked up while at the Tulsa Figure Show. I was looking at the paints, and fell in love with the bright colors in this set and figured that there are so many cool things that I can use these colors for. I also figured that this would be a cool set to share with you and talk about. So let's begin...

Here is the set of 8 paints laid out. The retail price of this set is $31.99 from the Scale 75 USA website. The set comes with the following colors:

  • Hastur Purple- This is basically a burgundy/ sanguine type of color.

  • Mayhem Red- A dark version of bright red

  • Baal Crimson- A very bright red

  • Beherit Red- A bright red/orange.

  • Tiamat Orange- Bright Orange

  • Ishtar Pink- A rosy flesh color (good skin color)

  • Marduk Yellow- Bright, lemon yellow

  • Lilith Yellow- A light, whitish yellow

There are a lot of people who struggle with painting reds, so a set like this can really take out the guesswork on which colors to use. A set like this is also good for hobbyists of all levels. Off the top of my head, including what is shown in the paint guide it comes with (which I will show you in a second) This paint set can be used for skintones, cloth, fabrics, chibi characters (since the bright colors are great for the cartoony looks), flowers, and some blood and gore. Thinking outside the box, you can use part of the set for painting some cool yellows as well. Just a thought if this helps give you a few ideas.

I have used the paint on one figure so far for a private project, and I can tell that I like the consistency of these paints better than the other sets of Scale 75 paints that I have. You might have heard me mention before how I love the colors of Scale 75, but I just hate that they are so thick and take a bit to work with. With this paint set, I truly did not have that issue. I only had to shake the bottles the regular amount before use, as you do. I was able to easily apply the paint to my palette, I was able to thin down the paints the regular amount that I usually do like with my other brands of paints, and the paint applied smooth. I like working with these paints.

I did purchase my Scale 75 paints a while back, so are things changing, maybe? Or maybe Fantasy and Games sets are made a little differently from the other Scalecolor sets? If not, then I am unsure about why these were so different in consistency from the others. I experienced that also with the Vallejo Nocturna Malefic Flesh and Fairy Flesh paint sets. They are also a thinner and smoother consistency than the regular Vallejo paints. Either way, thinner and smoother consistency is totally all good in my book! =)

Here is the painting guide that the set comes with. There is always a paint guide that comes in the Scalecolor paint sets. They basically show you a step-by-step on how to paint something that is shown on the box. In this case, they are showing the red demon that was on the cover. The explanation on the guide is done in eight different languages. Each box, is a different language with the colors of a country flag icon in the corner. The color dots at the top with the color number above each photo is to show which color was used in the step. They use all eight of the colors for that demon's skintone.

So there you have it, the Creatures From Hell paint set unboxed and explained straight to the point. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, also stay tuned for one of our upcoming videos that will be on our Metalhead Minis Youtube channel which will feature and show a tutorial on how to use the Soilworks Pigment Powders and Soilworks Acrylic Paste in rough texture!

Until then...

Stay Crispy in Milk!

Keep on Paintin'!


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