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Unboxing: RN Estudio Miniatures- "Lyn"

RN Estudio- Lyn

When I saw a post about this on Facebook, I knew that I had to have this! Of course not only because

she has the same name as me, but also because it is just a super cool looking model. What I like about it is that it is different from a lot of other models that I have. I figured that while I was at it, I would write this quick blog to share it with you.

This model by RN Estudio, is a resin 28mm 3D print. It is currently priced at 25 Euros (about $30 USD) Which I have to say is pretty good pricing for a piece like that.

The miniatures were well packaged in a small bag and a hard plastic package. I ordered an additonal miniature which was placed in the same package. I know that this was done in order to save on shipping (RN Estudio has a free shipping promotion) and also to protect the extra miniature in shipping. Since the extra miniature (Candy) was a small individual 28mm miniature with small pieces, it fit just fine. The miniatures came from Spain and the shipping was pretty quick which was good.

RN Estudio- Lyn, Resin Miniature, 28mm

The model comes in 10 pieces and includes a 40mm base. The snake like dragon and Lyn fit pretty tight on the base. There is very minimal flash on the pieces and the mold lines are moderate.

There was a mold line along the middle of the under scales, so that will require some careful prep as of course you wouldnt want to ruin the detail lines that show the break in between each under scale. Is underneath a dragon even called under scales? I dunno, hopefully you know what I mean. I also like that there is a good amount of detail for the spots on top of the scales along the body. The spots are very small, but nothing that a fine detail brush can't handle. The face on the dragon is pretty highly detailed. There is what looks like a short unicorn horn on top of it's head.

In this next set of photos, I show the body of the dragon a little more clearly so that you see the spots and the scales better. you can also see in the top right that there are small circular details in the under scales. In the two bottom photos is Lyn. The detail done in the 3D printing of Lyn is good. Not as well detailed as the dragon, but good for sure. The dress is a good design that allows room for some freehanding. Some small flower details done with small dots for optical illusion could look nice. Definitely make sure to do lining in the face to help the facial details stand out more. There are also square grooves in order for the parts to come together better. Not sure when I will be painting this one, but of course you know I will post pics when I do. Be sure to post pics if you get one of your own too.

We have a Metalhead Minis Facebook group where people share their paint jobs, tutorials from everywhere, and more. Be sure to send a request to join. We would love to have fellow hobbyists like yourselves. Just a heads up, you'll notice that there are questions to answer along with the join request. This is because for some strange reason eventhough it says hobby and it shows that it is about gaming and miniatures, there are people that still think that it is a music related group. Also there are also people that try to join with fake/ bot profiles. So the pre screening is just so that there are actual people into the hobby that join and no fake profiles. =)

So until next time,

Stay crispy in milk and keep on painting!


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