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Unboxing and Review: Alternity Miniatures, "Zoe" 1/10 Scale Bust!

Alternity Miniatures Zoe Bust

Scale: 1/10

Material: High Quality Resin

Concept and Sculpt by: Simon Rasetti

Box Art by: Paolo Di Poce

Price: 29.00 Euro (currently $35.10 USD)

**Email to order (due to current website issues) **

So, there I was on Facebook. As always, Facebook suggests friends. That is how I noticed the photo of the box art that was done by Paolo Di Poce, a talented miniature painting artist in Italy for Alternity Miniatures

Not only was I thrilled by the paint job, I was also thriled by how much personality and attitude is in this bust! I fell in love with it right away and knew I had to have it.

I received the bust about 10 days after I ordered it and I was really excited! The quality of the bust is great and I absolutely love it! So I wanted to take a moment to share Zoe with you.

Inside the box, the bust is in two small bags and there are five pieces in the kit.

The chest, tank top, scarf, and back are all well sculpted with the creases in all the right places on the tank top. The bust requires very minimal preparation as the cast was also done so well that there are no mold lines that I saw on my kit.

Here are the straps for Zoe's hat. If you wanted to smooth the straps out before painting, I would use a very fine grit sandpaper (600-800 grit for example). That way the surface is smooth and ready for adding leather texturng by way of painting techniques such as stipling.

Alternity Miniatures Zoe Bust- face

Zoe's face and hair has a great amount of detail. The brows and eyeliner are already sculpted on which makes it easy and also less intimidating for the beginner miniaturist. The eyes give a lot of room to paint in a lot of detail and color. In between the leather hat and hair is the wool from the leather hat.

One of my other favorite features of this sculpt, is how the leather hat was so well done. As you ucan see in the photos, there is texture in the leather. This also takes out some of the guess work when trying to paint in texture for leather. There is also great detail on the goggles. There are great opportunities to do weathering on the goggles (for example, metal scratches and some chipping).

Hope you enjoyed this quick blog post about Zoe. This is definitely a great quality bust to have and I love that it is great for miniature hobbyists of all levels. I really look forward to painting her and I know that she will be fun to paint.

So until next time!

Stay crispy in milk!

Happy Painting!


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