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Review: Midknight Heroes- “Midknight” Super Chibi Bust.

Material: Resin

Size: 60mm


Behold! A Chibi bust! Definitely not something that I have seen often.

This is a Chibi bust by Midknight Heroes. “Midknight” is the company mascot that is a female warrior character.

The bust kit comes in three pieces: The two arms are the only pieces separate from the rest of the bust. This makes for very easy assembly.

Midknight Heroes Midknight Suoer Chibi Bust.

The model was cast in a good quality gray resin. The bust itself is a lighter gray than the arms/weapons. The detail is very well done and is just the right amount to cater to the high level painter, yet not intimidating to the beginner painter. Be sure to wash the model with warm soap and water (i.e.- Dawn dish soap) in order to clean off any mold release. Rinse and then air dry. This will ensure to the paint to both adhere better and last longer.

I love that the face is very well done. The eyes are already sculpted to show where the eye iris (eye color part) would place which takes the struggle out of evenly placing the eyes.

The hair is also well sculpted. I like the length and the fact that there is a good amount of flow and movement to it which will make it fun to paint for either a beginner or an expert. There are some mold lines in between some of the strands, especially toward the bottom so be sure to take care of those before priming and painting. On the head, there is also a mold line inside the ear.

One thing that the owner of Midknight Heroes and I discussed was the base. The look of the base is really cool. it's just a little small. Since the bust is top heavy with the large 60mm head, the smaller base doesn't really even things out in way of balance. However, our friends at Midknight Heroes said that they already noticed this, and in future runs of the busts, there will be a larger base. The current base can still be mounted on a plinth with some drillng and pinning and still be perfectly fine.

I always liked the fact that you can have an honest conversation about this company's products, they actually take the feedback that they receive, and constantly find ways to make their miniatures better.

MIdknight Heroes Midknight Bust Base

The hand/weapons require a small to modelerate amount of prep. The arms fit into grooves/ sockets in the shoulders which will require some prep with files and sandpaper in order to fit flush together. The metal parts of the weapons can look good in either NMM (Non Metallic Metal) or TMM (True Metallic Metal).

As you can see in the photos, there are the typical amount of mold lines that one would find in the hair. On the sword arm, there is a mold line in the center of the sword blade as well as along the arm. On the shield arm, there is some mold lines along the arm as well. You can also see where the prep is needed in the grooves and shoulder area in order for the arms to fit flush inside.

I am so excited to start painting this bust!

Larry, from Models Workshop also has a copy of Midknight and started painting her. Check out the photos here!

That is all that I have for now!

Really looking forward to seeing what new chibi busts that they come up with next!

Stay Crispy in milk and keep on painting!


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