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Unboxing- Wamp Fusion Plinths Kickstarter!

Friday was a joyous day at the mailbox! I have finally received my Wamp Fusion Plinths Kickstarter rewards! The Kickstarter campaign took place in November 2016. 

Brett Johnson of Wamp, is the creator and sculptor of these display plinths. 

Being that Brett is also a painter himself, he wanted to come up with display plinths that can create a great scene with little effort. While building display plinths can be fun, it can also be very tedious, and take a lot of time and patience that many people do

not have. Scenic plinths like these, can save a lot of time for people who don't enjoy building scenes or perhaps just want something ready made. 

The plinths/ bases are 40mm and sculpted to mostly cater to 28-32mm models, but can work with other slightly bigger or smaller models as well. For example the low brick wall included in the street set and a couple of the water bases can work for 15mm models. 

There are other companies who make awesome scenic plinths such as Dragonforge and Secret Weapon. What sets the Wamp Fusion plinths/bases apart,  is that there are pieces that allow you to customize and/or Interchange the scenes. To top it off, considering all the options and interchangeability, the product still manages to stay priced pretty reasonably. 

*photos obtained from the Wamp Fusion Kickstarter page. 

I paid for a deluxe pledge where I was able to choose two different themes, including some extras, as well as magnets and a drill bit. I chose the street theme and the water theme. The price for my pledge was about £38 (about $50 USD). I definitely feel that I have received my money's worth. 

^ street theme 

^Concept art of the water theme. 

The plinths and basing pieces were cast in gray resin. The quality of the sculpts are good. There was not a lot of pitting at all and the amount of prep work is the normal amount that one should expect.  The pieces fit together very well, and are easy to modify in way of magnetizing for interchanging. I am really looking forward to doing some projects with these plinths, especially the water ones.  I like that the water bases have some inset bases, so that it can hold the water effects. 

^ I put some of these scenic plinths/bases together so that you can see some of the options that there are. The square base (like the one in front) is one of the water bases. You can see how it is inset to hold in the water effects. 

Besides the fact that these are cool looking pieces, there is one other part of this that deserves a round of applause. The fact that all of these pieces fit in a small box! When I opened the box, and saw how it was packed, I was like "BRAVA!" Considering the fact that shipping internationally can be so expensive, it makes sense that one would have to get creative. So hats off you Mr./Miss Shipping Magician Person!  

To check out the Wamp Fusion Plinths and other great mini painting goodness, be sure to check out the Wamp Store-

So that's my quick share that I have for now.  

Until next time, Stay crispy in milk and Keep on painting!  


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